aMagic MagStrip 13A 4 gang UK Socket USB Surge Protected with blue LED light Power Strip / Extension Socket / Power Bar - Black

‧ 13A UK Socket Power Strip
‧ 4A output with 4 USB Ports
‧ Charge up to 4 USB devices simultaneously
‧ 4-Gang Surge Protected Power
‧ Designed for home and office use
‧ USB Smart Load Detection
‧ Individual on / off switch
‧ Wall Mount Hole
‧ Suitable for most USB powered devices eg: iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, MP3, PSP
‧ Certified by Intertek (BS1363, BS5733, EN60950-1, MS589-2, SS145-2, EN61000-3-3, EN6100-3-2, EN55024, EN55022)
  • Black
  • White


  • Battery Capacity:NA
  • Warranty:1 Warranty
aMagic MagStrip USB lightning protection board, with streamlined appearance, cold blue light design, four 13A with independent switch Outlet and LED lights show state, next to the four USB interface, the total output of 5V/4A. It is the first one get rid of the inherent side of the carriage side.

aMagic MagStrip USB lightning protection board by fashion appearance and excellent features, very popular with users, in the major online shopping or retail shops are one of the best-selling products. Also at the same time anti-reflection is now the vast majority of users, the requirements of the carriage is not only power supply 13A socket and USB output so single, exterior design more fashionable, "handsome", set off home decoration.

aMagic MagStrip won the product design award and also give the most intimate care of electrical appliances, because of its built-in lightning protection function. In fact, in the thunderstorm days of Hong Kong, home appliances often have to face the lightning attack, especially the installation of lightning rod is not enough professional village house, and sometimes can not completely filter out the strong current, long-term In the state of current instability, electrical life will inevitably receive the impact. MagStrip built-in lightning protection and filtering device, can effectively resist up to 4.5kA of the impact of current, so that users can also feel at ease in the rainy days of entertainment and work.

In the beautiful appearance, MagStrip in the "connotation" on the same homework, the core part of the integrated tin phosphor bronze structure to create, between the socket to retain the appropriate space, put an end to plug the tray when the spark The Ultra-thick 3C x 1.25mm² power cord, plus 750 ° C high temperature flame retardant PC shell, to ensure the stability and safety of current transmission. So focused on quality and safety, naturally also received the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and the international standard of safety recognition.

USB interface needs in recent years soared, aMagic also value this point, the carriage is equipped with four blue USB socket, a total output of 5V / 4A current, whether the number of jacks, or current speed, are leading the industry, Plug on the built-in intelligent identification chip, according to the user's equipment, intelligent distribution of current, to ensure compatibility and security. MagStrip has a type of appearance, solid materials, and intimate lightning protection function, four high-speed USB charging jack, can meet the needs of the new era, if you are looking for a safe and practical and set off to your personal taste Trailer, believe aMagic MagStrip will be your best choice.

Technical Specifications

Cable Length: 2M
Rated Voltage: 250V
Rated Current : 13A
Power Indicator : Blue Neon
Cable Raing: 3C x 1.25mm2
Surge Protection : 10kA (8/20us), 50-300V
USB Output : USB 5V/4A
Dimension : 328 x 70 x 25 mm


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